Interfaith Paths to Peace has been serving our community for over twenty years to promote peace and interfaith understanding. As a result, we see a city that embraces our cultural diversity and stands time after time united for one human race. This campaign is a celebration of our accomplishments and yet, a reminder of our continuous peacemaking initiatives for the future.

These posters serve as a thought-provoking, intelligent, humorous way to positively respond to the dangerous polarization we witness today and reminding us that we need to remain united. Our diversity needs to be a uniting factor, not a dividing one, and these posters are our reminders to maintain our unity as we continue our path to peace.

The campaign serves as a mechanism by which peaceful and compassionate individuals and organizations can work together to promote peace and solidarity in our community regardless of our backgrounds.

We all rise as one and fall as one, and united we shall achieve peace in our community, our country, and our world.
We can’t afford to be divided; it is our civil responsibility to work for peace, compassion, and justice for all. We owe it to our families and friends that will live beyond our years.

The website features information, resources and downloadable media selected from the #faithinlou campaign. Since May of this year, our #faithinlou posters appeared throughout the city with the generous partnership of our friends and sponsors.

Our goal is to connect the dots between people and new ideas about faith, culture, gender, race and create a community that continues to value interfaith understanding, solidarity, and compassion for all. We hope you can join us and together, work for peace in our community and beyond.