Together, Working for Peace

Who We Are

Interfaith Paths to Peace (IPP) was established in 1996 and is a private, not-for-profit organization (NGO), located in Louisville, Kentucky. IPP is not affiliated with any religion or faith group.

Mission Statement: Interfaith Paths to Peace works to foster peace, increase interfaith understanding, and cultivate inter-religious cooperation through education, programs and events.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to leave a peaceful world for future generations.

What We Do

In today’s turbulent world, Interfaith Paths to Peace serves the community as a platform that showcases the endless possibilities when we work together. We provide events containing themes of social change, influencing relationships that develop trust within our community's colorful array of faiths and cultures.

Our events enable joint collaboration among local organizations and with in our community, developing the powerful ingredient of open interfaith dialogue in our peace-building process. Our dialogue engages our community and surrounding regions in forms that influence a natural appreciation of local faiths and cultures.

The need of enhancing sensitivity to others through education and understanding allows a fostering of unforeseen commonalities within our diverse community, reducing violence and resolving conflict. Our organization is committed in promoting this peaceful coexistence.

BE A HARBINGER OF PEACE! Give to Interfaith paths to peace and support community peacemaking through education, programs and events.