​​​Islam for Beginners: Clearing up Misinformation about the World's Second Largest Religion

Haleh Karimi, Executive Director of Interfaith Paths to Peace

Since September 11th, 2001, suspicion of all Muslim people, disrespect of Mosques and the sacred scripture of Qur'an has grown exponentially in the US and in Kentucky.  Hate crimes are at a new high.  You are invited to become a peacemaker by attending this two-hour course to learn more about the tradition that has the same root teachings as Christianity and Judaism.  The course will cover an overview of Islam, terminology, history, major teachings, sects within religion, rituals, its relations with other Abrahamic faiths and cultures, as well as the role of women in Islam.  This is a well-rounded introductory class for those who want to learn about Islam and its way of life and practice.

Past Spirituality U. Classes

Islam for Beginners (Jan) | Haleh Karimi

Islam for Beginners (April) | Haleh Karimi

Inner Peace for Peacemakers (July) | Harry Pickens

From Stress to Serenity (Aug) | Harry Pickens

Neighborhood Peace Efforts (Aug) | Christopher 2X

Building a Culture of Health (Dec) | Attica Scott

Intro to Contemporary Buddhism | Gerry Stribling


Islam 101 | Haleh Karimi
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       Sharon Grant

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Mindfulness for Men | Dick Sisto

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​​"Neighborhood to Neighborhood Peace Efforts"

A Dinner Conversation with Christopher 2X and the Hood2Hood Movement

An evening of dinner and discussion.  Learn about Christopher 2X's peacemaking efforts in our community followed by an engaged conversation with Christopher and the Hood2Hood team.

​​About Hood2Hood:  
In 2015, Christopher 2X along with other community activists formed  "We All We Got, Hood2Hood," as a centralized notion to prevent violence, versus reacting to it. Hood2Hood is a push to reclaim Louisville's neighborhoods from the violence lingering throughout the city.  "The group can't succeed alone and needs other community members to step up to help lead the change that is needed," Christopher 2X.  

Interfaith Paths to Peace

2500 Montgomery Street, Louisville, KY,  40212 |  (502) 214-7322   |  ​interfaithpaths@gmail.com

From Stress to Serenity: Honoring the Peacemaker Within
A special 4-hour workshop facilitated by Harry Pickens

Please join us for this time of rest, renewal and relaxation.  We will devote the entire afternoon to simple practices that quickly and easily boost our sense of wellbeing and inner peace, no matter what we might be dealing with in our outer lives.  We will take time to discern, discuss and dissolve the primary inner and outer barriers to creating a life free of toxic stress, We will learn and practice simple ways to reduce stress, boost resilience, and increase access to positive emotional wellbeing.  We will deepen our inner state of calm and centeredness through spiritual practices that honor our faith traditions.  We will explore insights from the emerging science of compassion — learning how to cultivate a quiet mind, relaxed body and peaceful heart — in the midst of an ever-changing world.

As peacemakers, our impact on the world increases as we cultivate positive traits such as lovingkindess, compassion, courage, and joy.  Our time together on August 7 provides a space for us to cultivate these qualities in the presence of a loving, supportive community.  Please join us for an afternoon of self-care and self-compassion.Type your paragraph here.

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