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About Peace Postcards

How it works

Use the back of the postcard as a canvas to draw, paint, sketch, make a collage, write or do whatever you want to show what peace means to you. Email or mail the card to us and we will display it in the Postcard Gallery. Some cards will be shown in Peace Postcard exhibitions.

Anyone interested can participate.

To have blank postcards sent to you, contact IPP

Click Here to download your self-addressed Peace Postcard!

Peace postcards are being distributed around the world to people of all ages, with the hope that everyone involved will see and develop his or her own vision of peace. 
​- Allan Weiss, Founder
Created by Allan Weiss in 2008, Peace Postcards is a program of IPP that collects visions of peace drawn on the back of post cards from individuals all across the world. To date, Peace Postcards has received more than 20,000 Peace Postcards from the U.S. and 25 other countries. 

Peace Postcards have been shown in many locations around the world, including:

  • Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Japan
  • Tehran Peace Museum, Iran

Louisville, Kentucky venues include:

  • The Muhammad Ali Center
  •  Louisville Metro Hall
  •  Pyro Gallery
  •  Ekstrom LibraryUniversity of Louisville
  • Pegasus Gallery, Louisville International Airport
  • Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church
Peace Postcards is a public art project that invites people of all ages and talents to express their vision of peace and share it with the world. 

Peace Postcards seeks to encourage people to think about peace and what it means for the future of the world.

Peace Postcards