Interfaith Paths to Peace

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IPP partners with the Pakistani American Alliance for Compassion & Education and Second Presbyterian Church with the Interfaith Iftar Dinner

Drepung Gomang & St. William

​IPP partners with and supports the mission of Faith Leaders supporting refugees

Harry Pickens & St. Paul

IPP partners with and supports Dare To Care with The Hunger Walk and Bobby Ellis Memorial Walk and Vigil


​IPP partners with and supports the mission to stand in solidarity with those suffering after a homicide

IPP partners with Crescent Hill Baptist, Temple Shalom & River Road Mosque with the Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner

Christopher 2X

IPP partners with and supports Hosparus with the Hope & Healing Community Celebration of Life

PACE & Second Presbyterian

IPP partners with Drepung Gomang Center for Engaging Compassion and St. William Church with the Interfaith Prayer Service for World Peace

The Table

IPP partners with local community peacemakers to further expand our mission of peacemaking and interfaith understanding in our community. 

Community Peacemaking

Crescent Hill Baptist, Temple Shalom

& River Road Mosque

Dare To Care

IPP partners with and supports the community peacemaking efforts of Christopher 2X 

IPP partners with Composer, Pianist & Peace Advocate Harry Pickens and St. Paul Methodist Church with the Community Peace Concert

Arms of Compassion